I was a pattern tester-and it was fun!

Recently Love Notions Patterns put out a call for testers to work on a new dress pattern, the Vivace. About the same time, The Love to Sew Podcast featured Meg McCarthy from the Cookin’ and Craftin’ blog and the had a great conversation about the pros and cons of being a pattern tester. So I took the plunge and filled out the tester application with Love Notions. I answered questions about my sewing skills, my measurements, and my photography skills. Frankly, I didn’t dream I would ever be selected, I was just proud of myself for “putting myself out there.” Imagine my extreme surprise when I received the email: “You’re in!”

Now the real terror began. What if I did it wrong? What if I was chosen by mistake? What if I hated the pattern? Relax, I told myself. I can just quietly slip away, never to be heard from again, if I can’t keep up.

Testers are asked to send a variety of views to the pattern designer. This was my initial version. A bit of the ease was removed in the final pattern.

Fortunately, none of those fears came true! The Love Notions community is nothing but kind and I loved the pattern! In fact I loved it so much that I’ve made three versions and have another couple planned. As far as the process goes, testers are emailed the initial pattern and instructions, asked to make a specific size and view, and then asked to give feedback. All feedback is welcome and as the pattern evolves you might be asked to make another sample. I actually found a mistake in the initial version that was quickly corrected in subsequent versions. At the end, testers are given a credit to get the final version at no cost.

One of my final versions of the Vivace pattern from Love Notions. I’d had this large scale print in my stash for a couple of years and this pattern turned out to be perfect for it.

After making a couple of other versions, I got a little creative with the pattern and added a lace overlay. I don’t know where or when I will be able to show this off but it’s ready when I need it!

I really enjoyed the process of testing a new pattern! It’s a community within a community and it’s been a great way to get involved.