Bringing a Summer Capsule Wardrobe to Life

When I’m not sewing, I’m usually thinking about sewing. I’ve got a pretty big fabric stash and each piece of fabric represents SO many possibilities that I love to dream about all the different garments I could create. However, all that planning sometimes stays as just that-a plan that never comes to fruition. Back in the fall I dug out all of my fabric, folded it all onto magazine boards, and displayed it on inexpensive cube shelving from Target. I arranged everything by color (mostly) and suddenly all of those possibilities coalesced into obvious capsule wardrobes! It was so eye-opening! I could now see all of the fabrics that would work together.

No, it doesn’t usually look quite like this…

After picking 8-10 fabrics that I wanted to use, I worked with the My Body Model app and created a personalized croqui for each piece I wanted to sew.

Looks like this summer’s wardrobe will be red, white, and blue!

I mostly stuck with patterns I had made before and knew would fit without a lot of fitting stress. My first attempts at drawing anything recognizable were a bit shaky but I have since joined the MyBodyModel Sketchalong group on Facebook. That group has been super helpful in getting the most out of the app and it’s become so much easier to get my ideas down on paper now. No one is ever going to ooh and ah over my paper dolls but it is so much fun to draw and color!

The My Body Model app is super helpful in planning a wardrobe and it’s just plain fun!

Finally it was time to cut into my fabric! I spent the better part of one whole day cutting each pattern. I made sure I cut interfacing, bias, or anything else I would need for the pattern and then put it all in a bag with any other notions I might need. Since the capsule was all working from the same color palette, I made sure I had plenty of white, red, and navy blue thread on hand, as well.

Four tops all ready to go: From Love Notions Patterns, La Bella Donna dolman sleeve t-shirt, Rhapsody sleeveless blouse, Melody Dolman, and the Helen’s Closet Ashton.

Next up, I’m finally ready to sew!

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