Love Notions Rhapsody Continuous Neckline Hack

Hey there! I’ve had a few people ask about my little hack of the neckline of the Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse & Dress. Today I am thrilled to let you know that I’ve written a guest blog post explaining exactly how I did it. Head on over to the Love Notions site and you can see my hack plus another one from Tami with a different way to create a dress! Check it out here: https://www.lovenotions.com/rhapsody-pattern-hacks

The pattern is still on sale for a few more days and it’s has definitely made it on to my TNT list.

2 thoughts on “Love Notions Rhapsody Continuous Neckline Hack

  1. Hey Pam! Love your Rhapsodies! Next time I need to sew for myself, this is the pattern I’m doing. I’ved been eyeing it for months. And I’m so excited to look through everyone’s hacks and the different fabrics they’ve used.

    Your blog name caught my eye–I’m south of you in Decatur! Small world 🙂 Curious if you have any local fabric shops you like? I mostly order from Raspberry Creek online and then get cottons at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Do you have any hidden gems I should know about?

    Nice to “meet” you!


    1. Hi, Diana! Unfortunately there is not much for the garment sewist here in North Alabama. Barb’s Sewing Shop has a small but nice selection geared mostly toward sewing for children. I have purchased a few things for myself though. You didn’t mention Joann’s but there is one on University near Research Park Blvd. However, if you are up for a little day trip, my all time favorite fabric store, Textile Fabrics, is in Nashville! They have been in business a long time (I got the fabric for my wedding dress there) and they have a beautiful and abundant selection of fabric. Well worth the drive! While you are in Nashville, you can go to Craft South, as well. They have mostly quilting cottons but the do have a small but nice selection of garment fabrics. They also have yarn and embroidery supplies. Hope this helps and great to meet another NA sewist!


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