Love Notions Rhapsody Update

Love Notions recently updated their popular and versatile Rhapsody blouse pattern and made it even better! The size range has been increased to a 5X and a dress option has been added. There are 8 sleeve options so you could have a Rhapsody for every day of the week (and one extra!) I was lucky to be a tester for this updated version. You can get your copy of it here: lovenotions.com/product/rhapsody

I made a size M with no fit adjustments. My measurements are UB 35”, FB 36”, W 30”, and H 40”. I frequently have to do a forward shoulder adjustment on patterns but I think with the yoke detail already coming to the front it worked out perfectly and I didn’t need one! Yay!

The Rhapsody works best in a flowy type fabric like rayon challis or a lightweight poly. Fabric suggestions list any type of lightweight fabric and since I’m a cotton kind of girl, I made one in a lightweight dotted Swiss cotton using the cap sleeve option. In this fabric the details of the gathered yoke and the ties really stand out.

Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone! I also made the dress version in a beautiful, flowy rayon. I went with the flutter sleeves for the dress to maximize the swishy-ness. I made a mistake when I cut the skirt on this one, though. The front and back are the same pattern piece but the back is cut on the outside line and the front on a different line. I cut both pieces on the front line so my back pattern piece wasn’t wide enough. Not a huge problem, I just gathered the back bodice a bit to fit the skirt, but there was a good bit of head scratching until I figured it out!

My third top I made from a lightweight cotton gingham I purchased from Stitch Therapy, a lovely little shop in Auburn, AL. I found myself in Auburn for two weeks back in the fall helping my son and I spent a good deal of time here. I didn’t have my machine with me so I could only do some hand sewing but the shop was so welcoming. It’s always nice to hang out with “your people.”

I tried out the bishop sleeves with the gingham version. I only had a wide elastic to use in the sleeves and I think it made them a bit shorter than the pattern intended. (Is everyone else out of narrow elastic these days?) However, I almost always go for a slightly shorter sleeve anyway so it’s not a problem for me. If you have longer arms, you should probably measure before you cut.

I did a little hack at the neckline for the dress and gingham Rhapsody. I’ve seen this type of neck recently and I love the unfussy look of it. It also keeps your blouse from gaping at the neck without bothering with the ties. If you want to know how I did it, check out the Love Notions blog next week!

3 thoughts on “Love Notions Rhapsody Update

  1. I love your neckline on your Rhapsody and want to try it on the next one I make. On the tutorial you say to stitch with the bias tape on the bottom but the picture shows the tape on the top. Will you clarify which is correct? Thanks!


  2. Boy you’ve got a sharp eye! It took me a bit to figure out what you meant. 😂 It may be that I sewed with the bias on top and then decided that it would have been easier with the bias on the bottom. Either way is not a deal breaker. You just want to get it as smooth as possible as the end of the V has a tendency to want to pucker there. The biggest help will be careful stay stitching and snipping as close to it as you can stand-without snipping through the stay stitching. I hope this helps! ☺️


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